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Rediscovery of Kotzias’ Cave in Douka Koropi

On 3 March 2015 members of the Coalition for the Environment of Koropi, led by Prof. Spiros Lekkas and guided by speleologist Thanos Xanthopoulos, rediscovered the cave of Kotzias.
In 1952 local archaeologist Nikos Kotzias excavated a cave on the lower slopes of Mt Profitis Ilias and found pottery shards dating from Mycenaean times. This gave him the proof he had been looking for that the area had been inhabited since the Mycenaean era. However his research was not continued and subsequently the whereabouts of the cave was lost to archaeologists.
Recently cavers found and explored a cave in the same area. The wonders they found were published and those looking for the cave excavated by Kotsias suspected that the two caves were indeed one. This proved to be the case and the speleologists have now accepted the name of Kotsias’ Cave.


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